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Islands Of Seychelles


Check out our latest exhibit of best of Seychelles. We love to show the peaceful beaches, Fine white sands and clusters of coral and much more. 

10 Interesting Facts on Eden Island!

Eden Island which belongs to the Roche Caiman District of Seychelles has been built in the year 2000 with ideas to extemporize tourism in the nation. Island is the only reclaimed island situated off Mahe the capital of Seychelles the Island dazzles us with some fascinating features.

6 Unique Things You can Find Only in Seychelles!

 The Island is not just known for its beautiful landscape but for some special products as well which are unique and can be procured only in Seychelles. From George Camille to Pier Cat Cocos here are the six Unique Things you can find Only in Seychelles. 


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