10 Interesting Facts on Eden Island located at Mahe Seychelles!

10 Interesting Facts on Eden Island located at Mahe Seychelles!

Eden Island which belongs to the Roche Caiman District of Seychelles has been built in the year 2000 with ideas to extemporize tourism in the nation.

The island dazzles us with some fascinating features:

1. Eden Island is the only reclaimed island situated off Mahe the capital of Seychelles.

2. The size of this artificial island is 140.85 Acres and the Government of Dubai Funded in development of the locale.

3. The Island’s Highest elevation recorded is 16 ft.

4. The estimated population in the island is approximately 1000.

 5. Eden has its exclusive two-level sumptuous shopping square which proffers the whole bit from food to fashion.

6. Eden Holistic spa is precocious with its unique service called “Something Different” which aids Reiki treatment with crystal therapy helping in not just relaxing but also relieving from emotional blockage.

7. Marlin Bleu restaurant at Eden serves authentic creole food it was designed tastefully by South African renown chef Luke Dale Roberts.

8. The island constitutes of Bulletproof glass erected abodes for Grandee which ensures celebrity hub. Luxurious Villas, Maisons and Apartments mostly owned or rented by non-residents are definite attraction.

9.  A Buggy is provided to each occupant to ease the commute inside the island. 

10. Eden has its marina and private beaches which the residents enjoy access round the year. 

Is it time to unwind and take a break from the tiring work?

Do visit Seychelles the paradise is sure to relax and quench the craving to explore. 

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