6 Unique Things You can Find Only in Seychelles!

6 Unique Things You can Find Only in Seychelles!

The Island is not just known for its beautiful landscape but for some special products as well which are unique and can be procured only in Seychelles:

  1. George Camille is a contemporaneous Seychellois artist well known for his artwork especially with mediums like enchased copper. One among his prominent sculpture is Aldabra Giant Tortoise which has inspired many aspiring artists of Seychelles. His work has been showcased at Venice Biennale for the second time this year. His art is a major appeal to tourist and has been considered as prestigious souvenirs.
  2. Coco de Mer which is also called as sea coconuts can be discovered only in Seychelles. Each Nut has a License number and requires to be accredited in order to transport from the country. To avoid replantation the nut is hollowed and sealed. it weighs about 5kgs even after the excavating process.
  3. Kreolor Jewellery & Craft was Established in 1990 spread across major islands of Seychelles they have five stores running triumphantly. jewellery is inspired by Seychelles tradition they are elegantly made from environment-friendly elements. These pieces of exquisite earrings and neckpieces are glee of Seychellois.
  4. Yi-King Essential Oils was endowed by a French Aromatherapist. it is genuinely made from elements accessible solely at Seychelles. The oil produced is unique as it is made especially for an individual this is accomplished based on person’s date of birth and eight components of Chinese medicines like earth, mountain, lake, water, the wind, sky, thunder, and fire.
  5. Seybrew was the first native beer manufactured for consumption at Seychelles Breweries, which was established by British born entrepreneur, Robert N. Wells. Seybrew can be purchased at any local shops to star hotels only in Seychelles.
  6. Pier Cat Cocos is the fastest ferry service accessible only in Seychelles. They support the sightseer to travel to and fro from Mahe to Praslin and Mahe to La Digue.

When you visit the paradise on earth SEYCHELLES be sure to bag at least a few of these precious collections!

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