Bat Morks – The Creamy Delicacy Of Seychelles

Bat Morks – The Creamy Delicacy Of Seychelles

Seychelles is a beautiful island with unexploited sceneries, fresh air, and lots of seafood. when I decided to spend this summer Seychelles was the first choice. I have seen lots of updates from Prince Williams to Amy Jackson boasting on their leisure trips to this beautiful island. I managed to plan my trip via Srilankan Airlines as it was the cheapest option available. The Air Seychelles was flying from Mumbai to Seychelles but the pricing was way high from my budget. 

Day 1 at Seychelles I realised how small the country was. The airport was tiny with general security scans. I received a tourist visa on arrival for 7 days. The immigration officer advised I can extend it up to two weeks if I wish to. She also shared the details of immigration office located at Independence house at mahe the capital city of Seychelles. After a brief wait, I collected my luggage and headed to the taxi corner. The driver kept talking about the local holiday spots and other activities I could enjoy in my vacation. We reached Berjaya a stunning resort with a casino located at beau vallon

My Day 1 started with a visit to the local market where I got a fair bit of idea on the local cuisine. I was able to see a variety of fishes, bats and birds at the lowest cost. Indian spices, oils, organic vegetables and fruits were decked up. Locals were calling me as I passed them. The market was lively most of them communicating in creole the local language. Foreigners were able to communicate in French as the locals conversed french as well, as I was about to leave noticed an old lady who was selling homemade food nearby the exit counter. she had packets of steaming food carefully wrapped in banana leaf. 

She waved her hand and asked me if I would like to try any of the local foods. I ended up choosing bat morks a dish made of creamy coconut gravy with chunks of finely marinated and roasted bat flesh. The curry had a unique blend of stewed vegetables and mild Indian spices like turmeric. She served it with a packet of steamed white rice, all for just Scr 30 that is close to INR 150. After doing a bit of shopping I went back to the beach, sitting on the shore I started unpacking the food parcels. 

The aroma of bat morks was quite strong, I have never tried a bat recipe so was a bit sceptical about this new experiment. I took a spoon full of rice and a moist piece of bat morks. The taste was so intense and the meat was very soft, I finished up the meal with a can of cola. Pleased with the first course of a meal at the archipelago I headed to victoria the city of Mahe to explore more. 

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